Several schemas were drawn before writing the software. You can find them here, but please remember the software may have evoluate and some details may be different.

General Flow : Part One and Part Two

Detailed modules in alphabetical order :

Apply 1D flatfield : Apply 1D FF
Average Observed Images : Average Observed Images ADU
Characterize Bias : Characterize Bias
Compute Bias over Prescan region : Average Observed Images ADU
Convert Units (from ADU to Photons) : Convert ADU to Photons
Make Cross-Order profile : cross-order profile
Cut Pre-scan region : cut pre-scan region and in ADU : cut pre-scan region ADU
Estimate Order Positions : Estimate Order Positions
Give a First Look : First look
Compute Line Positions : Line Positions
Make 1D Flat-Field : Make 1D Flat-Field
Measure the Background : Measure Background and the Order Positions : Measure Order Positions
Merge the Orders : Merge What "merge" really does (and what it does NOT) : What merge does or not
Model the Background : Model Background and the order positions : Model Order Positions
Quality Overlap : Quality Overlap
Rebin : Rebin and Details of the Rebinning program : Rebin : Details
Remove 2D flat field : Remove 2D FlatField
Sanity of the observed image in ADU : Sanity Observed Image ADU
Subtract the Bias on the CCD in ADU : Subtract Bias CCD ADU
Subtract the Background : Subtract the Background
UnBlaze : UnBlaze
Wavelength Differential Model : WL Diff Model

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